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Cui spoke highly of the draft law, which he said demons

strates China’s current principles in governing foreign investment to ensure it receives treatment equal to that of Chinese companies in most phases. Wang Wenhua, professor at the Law School of Beijing Foreign Studies Universi ty, said the legal community generally agrees that the legislation is necessary and feasible. Once adopted, the law will play a […]

The ChiNext and the NEEQ are both existing equity

 trading platforms, mainly serving China’s Nasdaq-style high-growth enterprises and small to medium-sized enterprises, respectively. Li Chao, vice-chairman of the regulatory commission, said the new board’s registration sys tem will not lead to a large number of enterprises flooding onto the new board, thus avoiding hu rting market liquidity. The new board will have appropriate listing […]

Air NZ flight to Shanghai turns back due to lack of lan

An Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to Shanghai had to turn back midway on Sunday morni ng after the aircraft was found to be lacking the required permission to land in China’s mainland. The Boeing 787-9, operating as Flight NZ289, took off from Au kland, New Zealand, around midnight on Saturday local time but […]

Oscar post in response to fat Net friend: group is good

  Some time ago Oscar to participate in a variety show, the audience found him become fat, then, O scar hard exercise to lose weight, back to before the handsome appearance.   Behold, on the evening of January 29 small New Year party, Oscar appeared in a red suit, but he looks very bloated shape, sparked by […]